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dress united logo on MaeGal offers custom made t-shirt, sweatshirts and hoodies. Great for creating team hoodies, sorority t-shirt or custom sweatshirts for your family. Dress United is easy to use, fast, and produces quality products. Continue on to read my review and see the custom t-shirt I made!

For review, I was given the offer to create my own custom t-shirt. I am such a t-shirt and jeans girl that I always jump at the opportunity to review a t-shirt. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know this is not my first t-shirt review, nor will it be my last! I decided to create a shirt that featured my blog in one way or another. The picture below shows the t-shirt I received. The front of the shirt features my logo on the right chest and the back features my blogs name, URL and little phase (the name of which is currently escaping me; subtile, byline, what it it?!).
dress united MaeGal t-shirt on MaeGal
The shirt I chose to print on was a Hanes t-shirt, so you know it was super soft and well made. The printing job, as I hope you can see in the picture above, was well done. It’s the kind of printing where the words are not slowly going to peel off as it ages and gets washed. That logo is there for good, which I was quite glad to see. Nothing worse than a poor printing job. My one slight complaint is that the grey of the t-shirt was a little bit green in the undertones for my taste, but it’s really not a major factor.

All and all, I really like this shirt and will buy from them if I ever want shirts in the future (perhaps I’ll buy some like mine to giveaway to you all?). I’ve been wearing this shirt to sleep in lately and I have to say, it’s super soft and comfortable to curl up and get some rest with.

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How would you customize your t-shirt?

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