Review & Giveaway: Strappys, Decorative Bra Straps | Ends 6/8

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Strappys offers a variety of designer bra straps to suite everyone’s tastes. You can choose from rhinestone straps, fabric straps, jewelry straps, beaded straps, and bra charms. You’re bound to find a bra strap the works best for you and your strapless outfits. Continue on to read my review of the Strappy Bra Strap of the Month for April!

For review, I was sent a set of Strappy diamond bra straps in the halter style, as pictured below. I was quite excited to review these decorative bra straps. You can pair with strapless bras or other strapless clothing (if I happened to own any tops or dresses that were strapless). Plus, isn’t the packaging nice? I really should upload a better picture. I’m not quite giving it the justice it deserves. That and the rhinestones are much more sparkly and less ‘cheap’ looking that my picture leads you too believe.
strappys box and strap on maegal
As I am a girl who is fairly endowed in the boob department, I’ve never been a fan of wearing strapless bras. It’s an uncomfortable feeling, and I’m always worried that I’ll pop out. I would just wear a bra with straps, but plain colored straps with a nicer top is never a good look. But now I have a solution! Strappys are the prefect way for me to still get the support that I desire from straps, but with a stylish look to them. They’re basically like jewelry, so you could ever get away without wearing a necklace.

So, here I am wearing my halter strappy. …with a skirt being worn as a top for the sake of the picture, ha! I don’t own anything besides a strapless bra, at least up here at school. At home I have a strapless dress that would look GREAT with these. Had I owned these around the time of my prom, I certainly would have worn them with my prom dress rather than worrying the whole night about my bra/ boobs falling.

strappys on maegal

I’m considering ordering from Strappys to get a pair of bra straps that are the traditional style. As much as I like the look of this here halter top strap, I’m a bit heavy chested and the straps and pretty small. I’m worrid that if I wore them for much more than an hour or two, it would start to pull all the weight on my neck. But that’s a boob issue, not an issue with Strappys.


single row strappys on MaeGaldouble row strappy on MaeGal

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