Book Review: Bucket List Bars- Historic Saloons, Pubs and Dives of America

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Bucket List Bars; Historic Saloons, Pubs and Dives of America by Dr. Clint Lanier and Derek Hembree is a sort of travel directory book for all the best saloons, pubs and dives in America, as the subtitle sugest. Bucket List Bars includes a selection of 40 bars from twelve cities including; Austin, Boston Area, Chicago, Denver, El Paso Area, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Francisco and Tucson Area. Continue on to read my review of Bucket List Bars.

bucket list bars book on maegal
For review, I was sent a copy of the book Bucket List Bars by Dr. Clint Lanier and Derek Hembree. This book features 40 different bars across the United States in 12 cities, mentioned above. The book is broken down into sections based on city. At the end of each section, aside from the longer features on several bars, there is a list of other notable bars in the area.

Each new bar section features the bars name, address, website and a QR scan code that links to a corresponding YouTube video (there is also a link, incase you don’t have a smartphone). Next comes a little list of helpful information like if the bar serves food, has live music, their hours, the type of bar, why you should go, and what to drink when you get there. The section is finished off with sections on the history of the bar, what’s happening today, the food and the drinks and nearby attractions. The sections are interesting and engaging to read.

My Mom, sister and I have done quite a bit of road tripping. I’ll certainly be taking this book with me the next time we or I go on any sort of trip to the areas included in the book. From the sections I read, all the bars seem like fun places to check out. There is certainly a bar for everyone in every city. I would recommend this to anyone who travels or enjoys ‘historic saloons, pubs and dives’, or get it as a gift for a friend!

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