Tasty Tuesday: Easy Ice Cream Cone Birthday Cakes- Betty Crocker (Infographic)

betty crocker logo on maegal

So, fun fact about me: I’m kind of a cake and cupcake fanatic. I make cakes from the box somewhat often, though I haven’t made one in a while (but that’s probably best). Regardless, when I make cakes, nine times out of ten I use Betty Crocker cake mixes. If other brands are on sale I’ll buy those, but generally speaking Betty Crocker is the least expensive and best tasting of the box cake mixes. Continue on to see an infographic for a delicious Easy Ice Cream Cone Birthday Cake!

Keep posted for this summer! Once I go back home and have a bigger kitchen and more free time, get ready to see more posts of mine showing you cakes and other goodies I baked up.

Check out some of the past cake and cupcakes I posted on this here blog:

maegals virgin coconut oil cake on maegal
Virgin Coconut Oil Cake
maegals heart cake on maegal
Red and White Heart Cake

frosted cupcakes on maegal
Lemon Cupcakes with Frosting

BettyCrocker.com offers a variety of different things such as products, coupons and recipes like Summer Birthday Cake Dessert Recipes. For example, check out this delicious looking recipe. 

What is your favorite kind of cake?

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