Review & Giveaway: Herbalogic, Ancient Herbs for a Modern World | Ends 6/23

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Herbalogic products are highly concentrated liquid herbal formulas that have been around for centuries and are based from Chinese herbal medicine.  There are formulas designed to address a number of different health concerns that you might have from muscle pain to stress to concentration to sleep problems to mood swings and more. These formulas deliver a strong remedy of herbs to help support and return your body to it’s healthy and balance state. Continue on to read my review, and enter for a chance to win a bottle (3 winners)!

For review, I was sent two bottles of Herbalogic herbal formulas. I chose to review their ‘Solid Eight’ and ‘Quiet Mind’ remedies. The ‘Solid Eight’ formula is designed to help you fall asleep and get the eight hours of sleep a night you need. The ‘Quiet Mind’ formula is designed to help anxious thoughts and worrying. Herbalogic has nine various remedies to help you. By name those formulas are; Back in Action, Decompress, Easy Breather, Fixed Focus, Flashback, Peacekeeper, Peak Power, Quiet Mind and Solid Eight.

herbalogic solid eight on MaeGalThe ‘Solid Eight’ formula is designed to promote a deep and relaxing sleep by quieting your thoughts, eases tension and cools your body naturally as sleep your do. I wanted to give this a try because I can’t bring myself to ever use any sort of sleeping pill, but sometimes I just need to get to sleep and my body is just not having it. I used this for the first time when I had to wake up earlier than usual and was certainly not tired when I needed to get to sleep. And ‘Solid Eight’ certainly helped ease me to sleep.
herbalogic quiet mind on MaeGalThe ‘Quite Mind’ formula is designed to relax your mind and quite racing thoughts without making your drowsy and supports a deep and restful sleep. I’ve only tried this formula once, and it seemed to work for me. I’d like to try it again and see if it’s the product actually helping me or just my mind. I’d like to try it when my mind is really anxious (which very well might occur sometime this week, being finals and all). 
Both of these were easy to take and tasteless! Just add a couple drops to water and drip up. I thought that the herbal flavor might come through in the water, but it really doesn’t. I would recommend checking out these formulas if you have any of these health concerns that Herbalogic herbal formulas address.
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7 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Herbalogic, Ancient Herbs for a Modern World | Ends 6/23

  1. I would like to try Solid Eight…. I have been using melatonin to help me fall asleep, but lately that hasn’t been working as well for me.

  2. I really would like to try the back in action– for back pain, sore muscle– gardening this year is killing me– I love it but by gosh I can’t walk the day

  3. I would likely get the Quiet Mind formula. I would like to see if it works.I have constant anxiety attacks all the time and have yet to find anything that really works. So Quiet Mind formula for me.

  4. I’d probably pick the Solid Eight since I seem to wake up in the middle of the night also….then I lay there thinkin’ “you really need to go back to sleep over and over again hahaha)thanks for the giveaway!

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