Charles & Colvard® Simulated Diamond Rings

Rings are exquisite pieces of jewelry and for women who love the multitude of gems that rings showcase, there is a never-ending selection. However, for rare and precious gems, rings take on a whole new life…

For instance, the rare natural moissonite is something of the stars. It was first discovered in 1893. Moissonite was first believed to be diamonds; however, careful study later revealed the source of moissonite to be of meteorite material. Although natural moissonite is extremely rare, it can be man-made and although its crystalline structure is very similar to diamonds, it actually outshines diamonds. Its dispersion is greater than a diamond, which causes light entering the stone to be bent into flashes of rainbows. Moissonite will not fade or change color. It maintains its fire and brilliance. 

Charles & Colvard® exclusively provides proprietary moissonite jewels to the public since 1995 in a superb variety of rings. Their blend off old-world artisan with modern engineering and technology create the most beautiful simulated diamond rings. Whether for engagement, wedding, gift-giving or self-indulgence, moissonite rings offer the finest touch. Charles & Colvard® offers the best selection. Much like diamonds, they offer unparalleled moissonite covering the 5 C’s—cut, color, clarity, carat and confidence so that you are sure to receive the absolute best ring.


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