Review: Natur’el Tea (Organic Teas Hand Blended in Banff)

natur'el tea logo on maegal
Natur’el Tea offers a variety of geen, black, white, herbal, mate and other teas. Their teas are all USDA certified organic and hand blended in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Natur’el Tea’s are made with fresh and local ingredients giving them a delicious taste! Continue on to read my review of five Natur’el Tea’s!

natur'el teas on maegal


For review, I was sent a sample package of five teas seen pictured to the right. They are from left top to right bottom; FemininiTea (Herbal), Organic Lemongrass Mate (Mate), Organic Champagne Berry Bliss (Green), Organic Lavender Earl Grey (Black), and White Tea Rose Mélange (White).

The two teas on top I have not yet gotten the chance to try, but I plan to soon! The FemininiTea is designed to help sooth discomforts associated with women’s menstruation. 
The Lemon Grass Mate tea is one of the Mate teas, designed to do what ‘mate’ teas do and energize you. My Mom and I are excited to try this some morning to give us a wake up pick me up. 

The first tea I tried was the Champagne Berry Bliss green tea (pictured below). I used this reusable tea bag my Mom had lying around, which worked pretty well. The tea has a nice, mellow sweet taste. I think this might be my favorite tea that I tried.

natur'el tea seeping on maegal
Organic Champagne Berry Bliss (Green Tea)

The second tea I tried was the White Tea Rose Melange (pictured below). My favorite part of this tea was the little rose buds in the loose tea. You could definitely taste the rose flavor in the tea, which isn’t my favorite, but it wasn’t so strong as to overwhelm me. I added a splash of milk and found this tea to be delicious.

The last tea I tried was the Lavender Earl Grey black tea. I’m actually currently drinking a glass of it as I’m writing this. I’ve always been a fan of Earl Grey teas, and lavender things. I was pleased that the lavender flavor wasn’t too strong, as lavender can be a bit much if over done. Even those who aren’t a huge fan of lavender who enjoy this tea.

natur'el tea seeping on maegal 2
White Tea Rose Mélange (White Tea)

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed trying out these teas. I’ve always been a fan of teas, and it was fun to experience some loose leaf tea for a change (I’m usually a pre-bagged green tea drinker). I would recommend these teas to anyone looking for some delicious, organic teas!

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