Book Review: ‘The Iron Duke’ By L. Ron Hubbard (Audio Book)

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“Meet Blacky Lee, ruggedly handsome with a quick wit and a roguish charm.  Think Clark Gable—with larceny in his heart and a price on his head.  A price put there by the German Gestapo.  But Blacky’s always got an angle, and this time it’s as audacious as they come.  He’ll hide in plain sight, impersonating the crowned head of a Balkan kingdom.  He’ll become The Iron Duke.” (via The Iron Duke)

Continue on to read my review of ‘The Iron Duke’ audio book by L. Ron Hubbard!

For review, I was sent a copy of the audio book ‘The Iron Duke’ by L. Ron Hubbard. I was initially both interested and skeptical about this review. I’m a fan of the 1930s, so I was drawn to this book because of the era alone. I learned that L. Ron Hubbard is in fact the founder of Scientology, which I’m not so sure about… but he is an award winning author, so I thought it wouldn’t effect the book.

I’ve always been a fan of audio books. When my Mom, Sister and I used to take road trips in the summers between school years, we often would check out audio books from the library and listen to them while driving. It was a great way to switch up the music and talking. I remember listening to quiet a few fun books.

Back to ‘The Iron Duke’, here is what the publisher has to say about the book;

“Blacky Lee is a man wanted by nearly every government in Europe, who happens to be the spitting image of a leader in the Balkan kingdom of Aldoria. With nowhere else to hide, the enterprising Lee flees to Aldoria and attempts to make the most of his mistaken identity in a startling tale of intrigue, humor and romance. (via”

All in all, I’m enjoy this book thus far. It’s a pretty easy listen, and only is about 2 hours long (I have about 30 minute left, but I figured if I write my review now, I won’t accidentally spoil anything!). The reader of the book has a voice that doesn’t bother me at all, which is good. I’ve been know to be picky about voices. I’ll let you check out the book to learn more and see if it’s something for you. 

I really need to stop reviewing books, I’m really no good at it. I promise the book is short, enjoyable and worth your while! Haha.

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