Review: Forever Pure Beauty

forever pure logo on MaeGal offers a variety of of beauty and cosmetic products from minerals to natural products to organic skincare. Forever Pure uses natural and pure ingredients, so you can feel about using these products on your skin. Continue on to read my review of a couple Forever Pure cometic products!

all forever pure products on MaeGal

For review, I was sent three cometic products and a little compact mirror. I will forever have a cosmetic addiction, so I never pass on the chance to review a new make up company. I love trying out different products from different place, big and small. It’s nice to see what’s out there.

The products I received are picture below. From left to right they are; a mineral eyeshadow, a mineral blush, an under eye concealer and a rose mirror compact.

Rose Mirror
forever pure mirror on MaeGal

The rose mirror might just be my favorite thing from this review, simply because of the detail. I mean, how cute is that little rose? I’m very much a fan of the silver and smooth look it has. The compact opens pretty easily and the mirror does as it should and reflects.

Loose Mineral Eye Shadow 
(Color: MSM14 Burnished Gold)
forever pure eyeshadow no flash on MaeGal

forever pure eyeshadow with flash on MaeGal

I chose the Burnished Gold color of the mineral eye shadows. And boy is it a pretty color! I’m very much a fan of this color. I hope the pictures below do it justice. The shadow is very pigmented and I found that a little went quite a long way. It’s full of shimmer and certainly a fun color for a night out. I found that it also applied nicely in a thin layer for a more neutral day  time look.

The first picture above is taken without the flash on my iPhone, the second picture is taken with a flash. Just so you can see how a flash and bright light hits is.

Loose Mineral Blush 
(Color: CW110 Primerose)
forever pure blush with flash on MaeGal

forever pure blush no flash on MaeGal

I really like the color of this blush. Obviously, in the swatch above it’s very pigmented and bright, but applied sparingly, it looks quite nice. I imagine this color would look nice on everyone, as the color does seem to build. I’m not the biggest fan of shimmer in my blushes, but that’s the only slight downside for me.

The first picture above is taken with a flash on my iPhone, the second without a flash.

Under Eye Concealer
(Color: UEC01 Light/Medium Salmon)
forever pure concealer on MaeGalforever pure concealer on MaeGal
The last product I received was a salmon colored under eye concealer. I’ve been looking for a salmon colored concealer for a while now. Salmon color is suppose to help better cancel out dark blueish under eye circles (versus the traditional use of yellow). I found this product to be pretty effective, however it is a bit oily and would be better suited to someone with dry or normal skin (mine is more combination/ oily).

The pictures above feature the concealer open and on my wrist. Below the noticeable swatch I blended in some of the product (you can kind of see that it concealer some of the blueish hue of my vains).

• • •

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