Review: Unique Cleaning Products (Carpet Shampoo, Pet Stain & Odor,Grime Eater)

unique logo on MaeGal offers a variety of natural products for your deep cleaning needs. Thy offer carpet shampoos, stain and order fighters, a grime eater for grills, and more. Continue on to read my review of three of Unique’s products!

unique products on maegal

For review, I was sent the three products pictured at right. From left to right they are; Grime Eater Surface Cleaner, Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator, and Carpet Shampoo + Stain Remover. All products are in the 32 oz size, which will last me forever given te amount of carpet we have at my current house. Who knows what the future will bring carpet wise, I very will may have a chance to use it more frequently.

unique carpet shampoo on maegal

The first product I reviewed was the carpet shampoo. This product is designed to be used with a carpet shampooer, but can also be used as a spot treatment. As I don’t own a carpet cleaner, I tried out this product on a water stain that my sister and I had in our apartment when we moved out. 

I was quite pleased with the results! Quite honestly I wasn’t expecting it to do that great of a job on a water and rust stain, so I sad lay did not take before and after pictures. What went from being a large line nearly completely cleared up! If I had more time, I’m certain I would have been able to make it not noticeable (but alas, it was time to move out).

unique pet odor and stain remover  on maegal

My sister cat is a horrible lite beast. She has a very unpleasant habit of peeing and pooping on my throw rugs in my bedroom. Not okay! Though she doesn’t leave stains, I like to use something like this stain and odor remover to remove the odor as well as kill all the bacteria. I spend a lot of time sitting on the floor, so it needs to be clean!

I tried out this remover on one of the little beasts newest presets she left me, and it seems to do the trick. I’m usin this new product to try and deter here from using that area as a bathroom, but until then, it’s nice to be able to clean up the mess. 

unique grime eater on maegal

The Grime Eater is formulated to tackle your most stuck of messes. The packaging says it can be used with anything from grills to concrete. I’m looking forward to using this to clean our grill later in the summer when we start using it a bit more. 

To same the product, I used it to clean off the grime gathered in the little trays under the oven elements. Though I didn’t use it too much, what I did clean it seemed to do a pretty effective job. 

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All in all, these products worked quite well for me. The price isn’t too bad and I like that the company uses nature ingredients. It’s better than nothing! Great products for individuals an businesses alike. 

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