Makeup Monday: Cosmetic Colors Inspired by Flowers (Pinks & Purples)

cosmetic colors inspired by flowers on maegal

I planted several flowers in my planter box the other day. So many beautiful purple and pink hues this summer! In addition to my flowers, my mother’s flowers were also looking lovely. I photographed them below, and then went and found lip sticks and eyeshadows that were along similar color lines. Continue on to see more beautiful flowers and fun cosmetic colors for summer!

Let’s start by looking at the pretty little flowers that sparked this here post idea. The top two flowers are petunias, I’m not entirely sure what the bottle two flowers are. My mother would certainly know if I asked (as they are her flowers and she has a horticulture degree), but alas I’m currently away from home visiting with the boyfriend.
purple and pink flowers on maegal

If you haven’t yet figured it out, I like to keep most of my posts are short and simple as I can. I know I’m much more likely to read something if it’s shorter, and pictures always help, too!

Here are some lipstick colors that I selected from I’ve never owned or bought a Mac lipstick, but I’ve almost entirely heard positive reviews about their lipsticks (among like all their other products).

purple and pink mac lipsticks on maegal

Here is a random collection of eyeshadows from various brands that are similar in color to the flowers above. I used Polyvore to create the set, so there are multiple brands being featured. (I happen to know that the top middle is from Revlon and the bottom middle from Urban Decay.)

purple and pink eyeshadows on maegal

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you would like to see additional makeup or fashion posts inspired by flowers or other nature things. I’ll probably be bringing you all another post with fire colors here in a week or so! Perhaps for this Friday’s Fashion Friday post…

sarah signature maegal

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