Review & Giveaway: Radiantly You (All Natural & Organic Products) | Ends 7/30

RadiantlyYou logo on MaeGal offers a variety of baby, health, cleaning and beauty items that are ‘all natural and organic products’. Their products come in raw form, as they should be. You won’t find any parabens, sulfates or other nasty chemicals in these products. Continue on to see the products I reviewed!

RadiantlyYou all products on MaeGalFor review, I was sent these five products you see pictured at right. They are; All Natural Counter Spray, Amber Vanilla Whipped Body Butter, Vanilla with Lavender Bud Sugar Scrub, Natural Herbal Decongestant, and Vanilla Coconut Lip Balm. RadiantlyYou has a fairly wide selection of beauty, cleaning and health products, of which I was able to review some. They also have a number of baby products. I didn’t get the chance to try their sunscreen or bug spray, but given the season and the fact that I really liked these products, I may just have to place an order!

RadiantlyYou counter spray on MaeGal

The first product of theirs I tried was the all natural counter spray. Now, I’m usually not one to use counter sprays, I just go for the good rinse with water and a dish towel. For someone who doesn’t often sprays, this is the perfect spray to get me using them. It’s all natural and has a pleasant, non-chemical smell to it. I did find that it left a bit of a residue, but knowing it’s not some nasty chemical, I’m really not concerned.
RadiantlyYou lip balm on MaeGalThe next product I tried was the Vanilla Coconut Lip Balm. It smells delicious and is SUPER smooth and silky feeling. Very little goes a long way! I found this out each time I used it. Where as most lip balms require a generous coat, this lip balm doesn’t take much. It left my lips feeling soft, pampered and smelling yummy.

RadiantlyYou open containers on MaeGal

The last products I tried where three of their beauty/health products that came in these little jars. 

The top jar in this picture contains the Natural Herbal Decongestant. It smells of minty menthol and is very refreshing. I haven’t been congested lately in order to test it, but just smelling it, you can feel that it would do the trick! My Mom use to rub a similar product on my chest when I was young to help me sleep when I had a cold. This product seems very much the same, only without any nasty ingredients.

The bottom left jar in this picture contains the Amber Vanilla Whipped Body Butter. It smells of (as the name suggests) sweet vanilla with mild citrus undertones. It is a nice, creamy consistency that is expected of a body butter. I really like using body butters for super tried out areas of my skin, as I feel they are more moisturizing  I applied this to my dry elbows, and it seems to have helped a lot in making them smooth.

The bottom left jar in this picture contains the Vanilla with Lavender Bud Sugar Scrub. It smells of lavender, sugar and vanilla, just as the ingredients lead you to believe. It because of this, it has a bit of a tropic scent to it which I really like. This is a courser scrub, so I wouldn’t use it on my face. I think this would be a great foot scrub for my dry feet, or any other area of skin that’s less delicate.

RadiantlyYou WIN on MaeGal

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