Guest Post: Leather Jackets

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While leather jackets are fashionable, they can be expensive to purchase and care for. If a leather jacket is not properly maintained, the leather can begin to look worn in a short amount of time. By following these simple tips, your leather jacket can look and feel new for years to come.

To care for your leather jacket, start by applying a leather conditioner. Using a soft cloth, apply the leather conditioner using circular motions. Remember, a little conditioner goes a long way. Conditioner should be applied several times a year. Stay away from conditioners that use animal sources. These conditioners will darken the leather. Before wearing your jacket for the first time, protect it from the elements. Moisture can cause leather to form stains. If your jacket does get wet, hang in a dry place. Avoid using a hair dryer to dry the jacket. High heat can damage the leather. 

At some point in time, your jacket may become stained. When this occurs, use a mild soap to clean the stains. On a regular basis, have the jacket professionally cleaned. A professional cleaner can bring your jacket back to life. When not in use, store your leather jacket in a closet. Whenever possible, use padded hangers to avoid wear on the leather. You can purchase a wide variety of leather jackets for men at
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