Getting Back on Track

Hello readers,

So… Sometimes, I get way behind on emails or posts or what have you. And this is one of those times. It’s only happened twice this badly, and I’m not ready to kick myself out of this slump. Expect there to be a couple new posts up here in the next couple hours. I got behind a bit with posts as well as emails.

I’ve been in a bit of a weird mood/ depression of sorts. This whole graduating thing and trying to figure out this whole “being an adult” thing is proving difficult. But I’m slowly getting it together. Narrowing down the car search, so I’ll be independently mobile soon. Working on the job thing, a more permanent one anyway. (Helping out my Grandma for pay and other things don’t really cut it forever).

So please bare with me as I try and figure out what I’m doing with my life. I still very much want to continue blogging, but I really need to get to be more personable to my readers, because as fun as reviewing products is, it’s more fun when there are active readers who enjoy what I have to say and like leaving comments. I’d love to interact more! =)

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