Review & Giveaway: Purex Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar & Stain Remover | Ends 9/9

fels naptha MAEGAL
Fels-Naptha is a laundry bar and stain remover that has been around since 1894, as the label says. When I first opened this package, my mom actually was shocked to see what it was. Apparently her mom use to use Fels-Naptha back in the day. She was quite humored that I was reviewing such a product. But good things last, isn’t that so? Continue on to read my review and to win your own Fels-Naptha bar!

For review, I was sent this laundry bar and stain remover that you see below. The packaging says that this product can be used as a stain pre-treatment or as a laundry additive to boost your detergents power. For a laundry boost, simply grate some of the bar into your washer with detergent and wash as you normally would. For a stain treatment, wet the stain and then rub it with the bar. Wait one minute before washing as normal.
I have yet to try the bar as an additive yet, but I thought that it was a fairly effective spot treatment. I was hoping it might be powerful enough to rid my white shirts of their yellow stain, but I thought that was asking too much. This product isn’t quite that strong. However, I have this white tank top that got a bit of red coloring in the armpit from wearing a new red shirt. I was impressed with the fact that the red is indeed less so that it was before. I wasn’t able to get a very good after picture, but I assure it that the slight red coloring you see in the image below is now gone.
fels naptha purex MAEGAL
As for the smell and it’s easy of use, I approve of both. The smell is very laundry room/ citrus -esque. I think it’s pretty pleasant smelling actually. It smells very clean. The bar shape is great for rubbing onto stained clothing and would be easy to grate for the laundry additive use. I will continue to use this as my stain remover until I’m out. And then, it’s very likely I will be repurchasing. 

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