Bumpy Roads Ahead

Another personal post so soon after the last? How unlike me!

So, a mere two days ago I wrote a post about getting back on track in regards to my blog and also somewhat to my life in general. I said that I was on the car hunt, job hunt and going to post a couple posts right then. 

But apparently not quite yet, the universe had other plans. Timing, eh?

To start this short tale, I have a temporary job, which is nice. I’ll be watching 5-7 preschool aged children in their classroom after school ends for a couple hours as parents pick them up. It’s tentatively ending in November when someone else is planning to do it permanently, but I’m the person until then. Mind you, this is the preschool classroom that my Mom works in and has been working in for basically 20 years. This is also the school that I attended from aged 3-11, preschool through 5th grade.

Then three moments of panic and chaos in varying levels unleashed on my mother and I last night/ today. (We’re both running on 2 hours of sleep, the days are all kind of one until I really go to bed here in a couple minutes.) Here is the condensed version;

1. We accidentally gave my 10 pound cat a flea dosage for a 90-130 pound dog, trying to apparently give her an overdose on those toxic chemicals. Called the vet, gave the poor dear a bath, monitored her, and all is well now.

2. My Mom’s friend who just came to visit says her dog got Kennel Cough when she was kenneled, and our three cats and one dog might have been exposed. (But we really don’t have time for it given point 3, so this isn’t going to happen. Okay, universe?! Positive thoughts.)

3. My 93-year-old Nana went to the Emergency Room last night, so my Mom and I have been doing hospital things 90% of the past 24 hours. Short version; she had gal stones, had her gal bladder removed this morning, had another stone related surgery and now she is healing up. Off to see her tomorrow morning. (And of course I’m leaving town this weekend, so my Mom is going to be all alone dealing with Nana. Turns out, having me there has been very helpful for her, moral support and memory -wise.) Nana is doing well, all considering.

I’d like to try making more personal posts like this (though ideally with better, happier news). I’m trying to incorporate more of myself into my review posts, too. I need to relearn how to have fun blogging, and that requires me to try a little harder not be afraid of the perceived consequences…but that’s a whole other post. Ha.

Anyway, life is crazy. Relatively speaking, all is okay right now. Sometimes getting back on track requires venturing on some bumpy roads.

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