Review: Woolzies (Eco-Friendly Wool Dryer Balls)

woolzies logo MAEGAL
Woolzies are 100% wool dryer balls made from New Zealand wool. They ask as a conventional fabric softener while also allowing clothes to dry 25% faster. Woolzies are guaranteed to last for at least 1,000 loads. They are hypoallergenic, safe for people with wool irritations and are chemical free. Continue on to read my review.

For review, I was sent a package of Woolzies dryer balls. Each package comes with six balls which are designed to be used all at the same time. They are money-back-guaranteed to last for at least 1,000 loads. As I mentioned above, Woolzies are made of 100% Pure New Zealand Wool. 
woolzies package MAEGAL

Woolzies are fairly good environmentally speaking, as well. They are made of a natural material, they are reusable and they reduce dry time which saves on energy. Being hypoallergenic, these balls would work for anyone you have sensitive or who is bothered by the fragrance added to many fabric softener dryer sheets.
I also found that Woolzies were pretty good and helping to reduce the amount of cat hair on my clothes after they came out of the dryer. I think that in part as to do with the fact that the balls are a bit weighted and nicely fluff the clothes as they dry. Living in a house with three cats and a dog, we also have copious amount of hair in and on everything. It’s nice to have a product that helps kick off some more cat feathers than usual.
woolzie close up MAEGALwoolzies dryer MAEGAL
Left, we have a close up of the dryer ball.

Right, are my little dryer balls sitting in the bottom of our dryer. We just keep them there, and then every time we go to use the dryer, we just toss the clothes in and push start.

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sarah signature maegalDisclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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