Review: Matcha DNA® — The Science of Tea™

matcha dna tea on MAEGAL

Matcha DNA® Tea is a 100% Chinese origin, nothing added, 100% organic, powdered green tea. Green tea has been linked to many health benefits. Matcha DNA Tea is great for making a nice blended cup of tea without any need for bags. Continue on to read my review for Match DNA Tea.

For review, I was sent this bag of Matcha Tea containing 34 individual powdered tea packets. The picture above features the front of the packaging, while the picture below shows the back of the packaging with all its nutritional information.

matcha dna tea back MAEGAL

Learn more about Matcha DNA® Tea by watching the video below;

Below are pictures of the front and the back of the individual powdered tea packets. Each packet makes one cup of antioxidant rich green tea. As the directions state, simply place the powder in a pre-warmed cup, at hot water, and stir until the powder is blended. 

Make SURE it is fully blended! The first time I tried a cup of this tea, I didn’t blend it long enough and ended up with a bit of sludge in the bottom of my cup…which my empty stomach did not like! If you have a sensitive stomach like me, I would advice not drinking this tea on an empty stomach. It’s a strong tea.

matcha dna tea packet MAEGAL

matcha dna tea packet back MAEGAL

As for the tea itself, I liked it! I’m very much a green tea fan, and this was a good tea. It was definitely bitter, as expected from a green tea, but I like a bit of bitterness to my tea. I think this would taste great with a little milk or agave or honey, whatever suits your tea needs.

This picture below shows the greenness of the tea, even after its dissolved some. The powder itself is also a very vibrant green, but mellows out some in the hot water. I personally thought it was fun to have a GREEN green tea for a change.

matcha dna tea brewed MAEGAL

All in all, I really enjoyed this product and look forward to drinking the rest of the packets! Next time I’ll be sure to blend well and have at least a piece of toast to go along with my tea and my sensitive stomach. I really like knowing that I’m putting a bunch of great antioxidants into my system.

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