Review: Almondina– Light, Thin & Crunchy Cookies

almondina cookies

Almodina is a brand of delicious, light, thin and crunchy little treats. They come in a variety of flavors and taste great on their own or served with tea. Almondina’s as cholesterol and preservative free. 
Continue on to read my review for seven of their flavors!

To learn more about how Almondina’s come to be, check out this video from
almondina cookies MAEGAL

For review, I was sent eight packages of Almondina treats. I only photographed the seven you see above because I was sent two packages of their original flavor. Sadly, the picture above didn’t turn out all that well, but there they all are! The flavors are I received are; The Original, Choconut, Cinnaroma, Almonduo, Sesame, Chocolate Cherry, and Gingerspice. 

Oh. My. Gosh. These are very, very tasty! My mom and I almost ate one full tray the first night I got them. I’m trying to eat them slower now to savor them, but they really are good. However, you don’t feel inclined to eat tons of them like you might a cookie. Just a couple fills my need for a little treat.

closeup almondina cookie MAEGAL

Here is a closer look at the Choconut flavor. You can see the almonds, raisins and chocolate color.  The chocolate flavors were some of my favorites just because you could actually taste the chocolate! I’ve really never had something like this taste of real chocolate. 

As hard as it is to pick a favorite because I love them all, I’d have to say it’s probably a tie between the Almonduo (Almonds and Pistachios) or the Chocolate Cherry flavor. I also enjoyed the sesame flavor just because it reminded me of those little sesame crackers.

All in all, if you’re looking for a tasty little crunchy treat, check these guys out! They are quite delicious. I’m thrilled I was given so many so they’ll last me a while. Hooray.

Visit them at

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