Review & Giveaway: YOYO Lip Gloss by Justice | Ends 10/25

YOYO Lip Gloss is just that, a lip gloss on a string that has the same action as a yo-yo. YOYO Lip Glosses are a product by the company Justice. These glosses come in four colors/ flavors and are customizable to your initial, or one of the couple of shapes they offer. Continue on to read my review, these would make a great gift for a young girl!

yoyo lip gloss  MAEGAL
Every now and then my pictures don’t come out well. Oops!

For review, I was sent to YOYO Lip Gloss you saw pictured above. Below is a close up picture of the initial I receive (‘S’ for Sarah) and a close up of the lip gloss itself. I received mine in pick (it’s remarkable how often I randomly get pink items considering I’m not a fan of the color much). The pick lip gloss is bubble gum scented/ flavored.

yoyo lip gloss  MAEGAL

yoyo lip gloss initial MAEGAL

These lip glosses are geared towards younger girls, as I imagine you can deduce based on the look of the product. I think these lip glosses would make great gifts, stocking stuffers, or party favors. The lipgloss itself is suitable for younger girls, in my opinion, as it’s basically colorless. It mostly just adds a little shine with hints of sparkle.

yoyo lip gloss clip MAEGAL

The back of the YOYO Lip Gloss has a clip making it handy to attach to something like a backpack or inside a locker. With the yo-yo effect and a clip, it would be easy to have available for quick use. 

All in all, I liked this product. I think it would be enjoyed by younger children a lot.

• One winner will receive a YOYO Lip Gloss with the custom initial of their choice!

Visit them on Facebook, Twitter and at

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