Sunday Guest Post: Find Your True Skin Tone– Infographic

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Ever wonder how celebrities’ skin look so flawless and natural? It’s probably due in part to good coverage foundation that matches their skin tone perfectly, so that the untrained eye can’t detect the makeup. The stars have makeup artists to help them figure out what colors work best for their skin—but you don’t necessarily need the help of an expert to find the right shade of foundation, tinted moisturizer, or BB cream for you. All you need is a plain piece of paper, good natural light, a mirror, and the infographic below.

This infographic by Fair and Flawless shows you how to finally figure out your skin tone, helping you avoid putting yellow tones on pink skins or pink bases on golden tones, which can create an unnatural, mask-like look. An additional benefit to figuring out if you’re a “warm” or a “cool” is that you can finally find that right shade of red lipstick or eyeshadow. You may have the same underlying skin tone as the makeup salesgirl, but if you have dramatically different hair colors, you probably can’t wear the same colors. So are purples the right colors for you? Would green help make your eyes pop without making you look ill? Figure it out by reading on!

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