Sunday Guest Post: Three Steps to Safe Glassware Purchases when Quality Counts

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Buying yourself a few glasses just to build up the numbers in the cupboard is easy enough, but what if you’re after top-end quality for a gift? The obvious choice these days is to order online, but how can you be sure that what you see on the screen will be all it’s cracked up to be when it arrives? And speaking of cracked, what are the guarantees it won’t fall to pieces the first time it’s sipped from?

It all sounds very dramatic admittedly, but at the same time it’s advisable not to forget the ocean of poor quality, lacklustre and downright dangerous glassware flooding the UK market today. So when quality counts – whatever the reason may be – here are three tips for making sure you get exactly what you bargained for and nothing less:

Specialist or General Store? 
 First up, you wouldn’t buy tyres for your car from a grocery store, so why buy quality glasses from any other than a dedicated specialist? This is really just a case of common sense as it’s unlikely that you will ever find that a retailer who just ‘dabbles’ in something as a side-line will ever be able to come up with the goods like a truly dedicated specialist in the field. And sure you might end up paying a fraction more than you would for the generic variety, but in this instance generic isn’t what you’re looking for. 

Everyone loves a bargain, but when something seems too good to be true, chances are it probably is. This means that when you come across something that seems to have been painstakingly crafted in heaven by the angels themselves though for some reason is being pretty much given away, in all likelihood something is amiss. There’s never any reason to pay over the odds, but at the same time don’t fall into the trap of expecting the best for free.

Last but not least, if a retailer is offering quality products and has confidence in them, then why on Earth can they not offer you 100% rock-solid guarantees? It should never be a case of taking your chances and just hoping their promises hold out – any retailer worth shopping with should be insistent on offering all- encompassing guarantees to back their products right down to the letter.

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About: Lisa Morton is an avid collector of vases and crystal champagne flutes. She’s a full time blogger and currently guest blogging in behalf of Gurasu, one of UK’s famous online stores that sell fine crystals and glasses. Click here to learn more about Gurasu. You may add Lisa in Google+.

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