Review: FouFou Dog Wet Wipes

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FouFouDog features a variety of products for dogs and the people who love them. The website features a variety of products from little nicknacks to pet wipes to wears for your dog and much more. I’ve review for FouFouDog before, the last time it was for their LoveMyBread collection of items that feature a specific breed of dog. Continue on to read my review of FouFouPet Pet Wipes!

For review, I was sent a package of pet wipes containing 10 wipes. The wipes come in a couple of scents. I was sent the camomile tea scent, it was a light and refreshing smell. The wipes stay moist for as long as you need them too. The package reseals to keep the wipes you don’t use fresh until you want them.

Pet Wipes Front MAEGAL

Pet Wipes Back MAEGAL

These wipes came at just the right time for me, too! Our poor little dog, Rocky, had some really bad teeth so we had to take him into the vet. We didn’t want to send him there all smelly, oily and dirty, but we didn’t really want to give him a bath in the middle of winter.

These worked amazing! As you can see from the pictures below, he was a dirty dog and need a cleaning! These wipes worked perfectly. Rocky is a large dog, but I was impressed that it only took me two wipes to feel like I got him clean.

Used Pet Wipe MAEGALUsed Pet Wipe 2 MAEGAL

I put a piece of white bath tissue next on top of the the first wipe to give you a little comparison. That’s how dirty he was, and I’m so pleased with how much of the dirty the wipes took off. Both my Mom and I noticed that his fur felt softer and cleaner, and he definitely smelled much better.

All in all, I’m very pleased with these wipes. They are the perfect thing for quick cleanings and touch ups. And at only $2 for the package of ten wipes, they are quite reasonably priced. Once I run out of these wipes, I will most likely purchase these again. I would highly recommend these to any dog lover or as as gift to the dog lover you know.

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