Review: Ozeri Instavac™ Food Storage Set

MAEGAL Ozeri Instavac Storage Set

Ozeri is a company that sells an array of quality kitchen, bath and home products. Having worked with the company before, it was a pleasure to be offered the chance to review yet another great product form Ozeri. In particular, their pans have been a hit between my mother and myself. Continue on to read my review for this food storage set!

For review, I was sent the storage set you see picture both above and below. The Instavac™ Food Storage Set includes four different size containers featuring a green one-way valve. The largest size container is featured in the video clip I included below so you can get an idea of how big the containers are. The other three nestle inside one another all in the largest container, which makes for a convenient way to store them when not in use.

Previously I’ve review an Ozeri Bathroom ScaleGreen Earth Pan and Stainless Steel Pan. I really enjoyed all these products and would recommend them to anyone. I love both the pans especially. I actually purchased one of the Green Earth Pans for my mother for Christmas.

MAEGAL Ozeri Instavac Storage Set back

The containers do a fabulous job of sealing the lead to the container preventing any air for getting in around the edge. At first, I thought the container was suppose to expel air and keep food fresher in that way, but it’s actually just to create a very air-tight seal. The name was a little confusing to me with the “instavac” name. As for doing their job of sealing the container, if you try and take of the lid without having released the valve first, you’ll find the lid stays on and is in fact well sealed.
I thought I should upload a short little video clip, because I haven’t before. This review felt like it could use just a short little clip to show how it works and the sound it makes. I mainly just find it’s whistle amusing. This is the largest of the four containers, for your reference. 

1. Push down on the container to expel the air and seal the container.

2. Use the dial to select the date (though for the cookies, I didn’t care to set it- I eat them fast).

Then I quit using my finger numbers for whatever reason. But next, 

3. Release the green one-way valve creating a whistle which lets the air rushes back in releasing the seal.

4. Simply release all the clips to open the container, as you might guess.

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