Review: Ozeri Duo Salt and Pepper Grinder

Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt & Pepper GrinderOzeri Duo Ultra Salt & Pepper Grinder

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s another review from Ozeri! I will continue to review as many products of theirs as the let me, because I truly love, use and find their products to be a great addition to my kitchen/bathroom. Previously I’ve review such kitchen products as; the Green Earth Pan, the Stainless Steel Pan and the Insta-Vac Food Storage Set. I’ve also review on bathroom item, the Precision Digital Bathroom Scale.
Continue on to read my review of the Ozeri Duo Salt and Pepper Grinder!

For review, I was sent the Ozeri Duo Salt and Pepper Grinder that you see pictured below. I apologize for my pictures being not so great every now and then, and this is one of those times. I see now it’s rather blurry and I failed to show when I had peppercorn in the pepper side. At least I’ve taken nice picture for Ozeri in the past, so I don’t feel too bad!

Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt & Pepper Grinder
And yes, those are cat toes in the upper right hand side. 
The cats are always so interested in what I’m doing.

As you can guess by the name, this grinder has two separate sides, one to hold peppercorns and one to hold coarse sea salt. It was quite easy to fill following the instructions. The black part on top is what you turn in order to grind the salt or pepper. To grind the salt, you turn the grinder counter-clockwise and to grind the pepper you turn the grinder clockwise. It’s very easy to use and smooth to grind, I was thinking that even my 94 year-old grandmother who has severe arthritis in her hands would be able to use this.

Ozeri Duo Ultra Salt & Pepper Grinder

All in all, I quite like this grinder. I think it has a nice, sleek design which make it appealing visually in pretty much any kitchen, whether it’s a high end look or all mismatched like mine. My one small issue I found with the product is that in order to get a lot of pepper (which I like) I have to twist the grinder around quite a few times. Not an issue that would prevent me from buying or using it, but something that I would love to have improved upon in future models.


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