Louisa’s Success Story with Weight Watchers

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Though this particular post is not about my mother, she too was able to lose weight by turning to Weight Watchers. In her 62nd year of life, my mother was able to lose 62 pounds. Prior to Weight Watchers, she has tried all the fad diets but to no avail. The thing about fad diets is that the results don’t last. The thing about Weight Watchers is that it isn’t so much a way to loser weight fast, but rather a way to help built healthy eating and exercise habits which will lead to weight lost. And most importantly, keeping the weight off.

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Though Louisa wasn’t considered obese, nor did she think she was, her weight did hold her confidence and self-esteem back. At age 29, Louisa dreaded shopping with her friends and family because nothing ever looked right. Her problem areas like her stomach, love handles, and thighs never quite fit into the fun, trendy clothing she wanted to purchase. After spending years dieting and never losing weight, Louisa was determined to try something different, something that would hopefully work. You can read Louisa’s original success story here.

That something new turned out to be Weight Watchers. The easy to follow structure and 24 hour support was something that Louisa believed would truly benefit her as she worked to lose a few pounds. Through the weekly meetings she received the accountability she had been needing to push her to succeed.

Making Smart Food Choices
Before Weight Watchers Louisa would sit in front of the TV scoffing chocolate oranges and other unhealthy foods endlessly, not taking into account the effect it was having on her body. The biggest, and possibly most valuable skill Weight Watchers was teaching Louisa was the nutritional value of different foods. With the Weight Watchers points system, Louisa was forced to calculate how many points everything she ate was worth, making sure she only ate her daily allotted points. In addition, the system rewarded her when she made smart food choices by giving her more daily points. Now, more aware of her food choices, Louisa was beginning to see changes both on the scale and in the mirror.

Eating her Favorite Foods
Unlike other diets Louisa had given a try in the past, Weight Watchers never left her feeling deprived. She was always able to eat the foods she enjoyed while never feeling as if she were starving, all while losing weight. The key to the Weight Watchers program wasn’t that certain unhealthy foods were off limits, instead the program was focused on portion control and learning how to arrange her daily points to afford what she loved most. If Louisa knew she was going to dinner with a group of friends in the evening she would eat a smaller breakfast and lunch, saving more points to use at dinner.

To help her stay connected on everything Weight Watchers, Louisa used the Weight Watchers app for her phone. Louisa loved the fact that she could easily track her points, calculate the values of various foods, and easily check out the latest weekly recipes all on the go.

In just three short months, Louisa met her weight loss goals. Now just 134 pounds, she lost a total of 22 pounds and is feeling full of life. Louisa’s best advice for someone looking to lose weight is to join Weight Watchers. The program can cost you less if you use the coupons in ZORQE. Weight Watchers has great discounts as many people are looking to lose weight.

Louisa truly believes that if the program could help her, it can help you too. Both her confidence and self-esteem are soaring high. Her new found love with shopping and clothes has blossomed since losing the extra pounds that were holding her back. “I can wear the things that I want to now, whereas before I would try to wear them and look awful!” she tells us.

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