Review: Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin Dry Kitten Food Persian Front

Royal Canin is a brand of pet food offering cat/kitten and dog/puppy food. Founded by a veterinarian in 1968 in France, Royal Canin is known for having breed specific foods that cater to your breeds individual needs. Royal Canin also donates hundreds of thousands of pounds of pet food each year to animals who need it. 

Continue on to read my review of Royal Canin, and get the review from my cats!

For review, I was sent a bag of Royal Canin Persian Breed Kitten Dry Food. Now none of my cats are purebred, but the one (Roxanne) has some Persian in her among other things. Additionally, she has some digestive issues, and as the packaging states, this food can help with digestion. I’m not sure if the fact that it’s kitten food versus adult food is an error I made or an error in sending, but my cats don’t mind! I’ll be using this food as treats anyway, so the small size in nice. My cats pretty much think any food other than their own is a treat.

Royal Canin Dry Kitten Food Persian KibblesRoyal Canin Dry Kitten Food information ingredients servings

The picture at left shows you the size and shape of the kibble. It’s a basic kitten food, small, round kibble. I understand why cats would be all over it, it’s quite the fragrant food. I’m glad the bag is fully re-sealable to keep the smell in!

The picture at right features the back of the packaging, if you wanted to look at the ingredients and serving sizes and such. I don’t really know what to look for or avoid in cat food, but nothing really questionable stood out to me.

What do the cat’s have to say?

Roxanne Sequana Cowgirl Cats Eating Kibble
Sequana (black), Roxanne (brown-multi) and Cowgirl (black and white).

They approved of it! I just throw some kibble on the floor for them to see what they thought. All three cats were interested in it for sure and gobbled up the kibbles. I will certainly continue to use these kibbles are little treats for the girls until they are gone. Crunch, crunch, gone.

Do you have cats? Other animals?

sarah signature maegalDisclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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