Fashion Friday: 5 Wearable Spring Trends

5 Wearable 2014 Spring Fashion Trends |

Spring is just around the corner! Or for some of you, it’s already begun. We’re still a couple months away from real Spring here in the Pacific Northwest, but some daffodils and tulips are already starting to bloom. You’ve got to love the beauty of Spring flowers. With Spring beginning, I thought I would share with you all some spring trends. Continue on to see my 5 Wearable Spring Trends for 2014!

Without further ado, here are five of my picks for wearable Spring fashion trends. As it is with fashion often, not all trends are particularly wearable. I thought I’d pick out the trends that are something I myself would consider wearing.

All the clothing shown below is nothing in particular, I just chose them to show the trends. I haven’t made note of the brands or where you can buy them. Leave a comment if you’re interested in any other the items, I can always track them down for you!

1. Moto/ Biker Jacket Fashion Trends Spring 2014  |

Biker jackets didn’t ever exactly leave, but they’re very much trending again on the Spring runway. From what I saw of many designers’ runway looks, the biker/ moto jacket is a bit different this season that other seasons. They seem to be more boxy in the shoulders and still a cropped length. I’m more apt to wear one of the biker jackets that’s in a style like those above, I’m particularly fond of that vest.

2. Geometric/ Graphic Print  Spring 2014 Fashion Trend  |

Geometric/ graphic prints are another trend that’s been around for a while and is making a come back for the Spring. I found a pair of black and white graphic print leggings the other day at Ross, but refrained from buying them, as I already own leggings I seldom wear. But I do love the print! I purchased a jumper from Forever 21 with a similar style pattern to the sweat, above. Geometric prints are great as they come in a variety of color options and pretty much article of clothing you want.

3. Pastel Colors Spring Fashion 2014 Trend|

It seems at least these first three trends are already trending, but continue on they do into the Spring season. Pastels are one of my favorite colors for Spring. You get all the colors of summer, but in a more muted hue appropriate for the Spring. I have some sort of issue wearing pink (because it’s expected of girls, in a way), but I do love a mint or Tiffany blue! Pastels are also a great way to add color to your professional work look without being over the top.

4. Wide Leg Trouser Pants Fashion Spring 2014 Trend |

Wide leg trousers haven’t exactly been trending lately, but they’ve been around. This Spring they’re making a name for themselves again. I’ve always liked the look of wide leg pants with a tucked in button up blouse and wedge shoes. I have a pair of wide leg jeans that fit and feel great, but I just never seem to wear them. Perhaps this Spring trend with have me pulling out my jeans from the closet. 

5. Full Tea Length Skirt Fashion Trend Spring 2014 |

Though the tea-length skirt is not the best length for me, I do like the way it looks on many people. I do like the fuller aspect of this length skirt that’s coming out this season. The pictures I chose above feature a hem line that’s a bit shorter than the ones I saw in runway images, but it’s all I could really find without searching heavily. I do like the pairing with the two skirts and shoes on the right. I like the retro feel.

Well, that’s all for this weeks Fashion Friday. Hopefully I get back into the groove of posting more fashion posts. I know I enjoy it, about I hope you all do, as well. 

What’s your favorite Spring 2014 Fashion Trend?

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