Tasty Tuesday: Chocolate Irish Cream Brownies

Chocolate Bailey's Irish Cream Brownie St. Patrick's Day | maegal.blogspot.com

Next Monday is Saint Patrick’s Day! Though I never particularly celebrate the holiday, I’m always interested in eating holiday themed food. I have a little bit of Irish in my, as well, so I always feel obligated to acknowledge the holiday. Fun fact though: despite my college years and party going, I never seem to have attended a St. Pattie’s Day Party. Continue on to see this somewhat holiday themed brownie!

Chocolate Irish Brownies | maegal.blogspot.comAs Saint Patrick’s Day is next week, I thought for this weeks Tasty Tuesday post I would share with you all a slightly modified brownies box mix recipe I made that is somewhat holiday themed in it’s ingredients. 

Every year my Mom makes corned beef and cabbage, but I thought I would try for a dessert this year as well. Mainly, I just haven’t done my baking with alcohol and it sounded like a fun idea. So here is the result of my playing around in the kitchen with Bailey’s, Brownies and Baking!

Dark Chocolate Irish Cream Fudge Brownies | maegal.blogspot.com

The particulars of this recipe are pretty simple. For the brownies, I simply followed the instructions on the back of this brownie mix I bought, but substituted Baily’s Irish Cream for the water. I think it did seem to take a bit longer to cook because of this, just something to note. You can use any brownie mix, this is just the one I used last time I made brownies and they were DELICIOUS.

As for the delightful chocolate frosting/ fudge topping, here is what I did. I failed to take down actual amounts, so if you’re going to do this, you’ll have to guess and play the trial and error game like I did. 

Bailey's Irish Cream Chocolate Frosting | maegal.blogspot.com
Chocolate Brownie Frosting “Recipe”

1. Melt a small about of butter in a microwave safe bowl until liquified. Roll the butter liquid around to coat the sides and bottom of the bowl.

2. Add baker’s chocolate. Microwave in 7 second bursts stirring between each session as to not burn the chocolate.

3. Add some powdered sugar, agave or honey, and Bailey’s Irish Cream until you reach your desired consistency and taste.

4. Spread on top of slightly cooled brownie. My topping was goody last night while it was still warm, and hardened a bit overnight (but not like a shell, it’s still tacky).

What is your go to St. Patrick’s Day food?

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