Media Monday: Creating a Comic Book with Paul Rivoche and

Creating Comics with Paul Rivoche and Blurb |

This weeks Media Monday post features a video from featuring Paul Rivoche. Watch as he shows you his process for creating comics. Best of all, Blurb makes it so you can make your very own comic book all without the publisher. Continue on to watch the video, and even get started creating your own comic or cartoon book!

As you’ve noticed if you’ve spent any time here, I post for Blurb from time to time. I just wanted to make sure that you all know I only post about them because I truly like and use their services and think it’s something that many readers would be interested in. The fact that it contains affiliate links does not change that. It’s just nice for me to get a little something for sharing with you all these deals. 

Now without further tangents, at least for the moment, the video is question:

If the embedded video above isn’t work you can click here;

Okay, so there is one more small tangent…

As you might have guessed based on the little “category” title of sorts for this post, I can’t decided from week to week what I’m doing. Last week it was “Movie Monday”, and this week it’s “Media Monday”. I thought “media” was better because this way my Monday posts can be about all types of media (films, books, art even?) rather than just movies.

I’m trying to get back into being an active blogger, so I’m trying to encourage myself to do that by having these little weekly series of sorts. We shall see how it goes. Please leave me comments to let me know if you’re liking these posts.

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