Tasty Tuesday: St. Patrick’s Day(after) Dinner, Drink and Dessert!

Corned Beef & Cooked Vegetables | maegal.blogspot.comIrish Green Cream | maegal.blogspot.comGreen Confetti Cupcakes | maegal.blogspot.com

This weeks Tasty Tuesday is coming to you via my phone, because I don’t feel like making a big, involved post. So I’ll continue my being active, even if it’s still lazy in nature.

Enjoy the following pictures featuring the meal my Mom and I had for our traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal, though it came a day late this year. Yum!

Continue on to see my dinner, drink and dessert array!


Traditional corned beef and vegetables. Made in a crock pot this year. 
Cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onion, corned beef brisket with spices. 
corned beef brisket and vegetables | maegal.blogspot.com

corned beef brisket and vegetables two | maegal.blogspot.com


Never made a layered drink before and I wanted to. So this is what I came up with. 
Bailey’s Irish Cream, cream and milk mixture with green food coloring, topped with whipped cream and green sprinkles. 
Irish Green Cream ingredients | maegal.blogspot.com

Irish Green Cream with Sprinkles | maegal.blogspot.com


Decided to make cupcakes and dye them green to be themed. Used the confetti mix because the rainbow theme. 
Green Confetti Cupcakes | maegal.blogspot.com
Green Confetti and Frosting Cupcakes | maegal.blogspot.com

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