Review: Ozeri Micoban Digital Kitchen Scale

Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale |

It’s time for another review from our friends at Ozeri! This time I’m reviewing a digital kitchen scale. Wouldn’t you know it that the day I have set aside to review this is also the day I had set aside to review another kitchen scale. And I got them in the mail only a day apart. It’s funny how things like that often see to work out. I opted to post this later in the day so at least the reviews will be on different RSS newsletters of mine. Continue on to read my review of the Ozeri digital kitchen scale!

For review, I was sent the Ozeri Digital Kitchen scale with Micoban technology that you see pictured above. As you can probably tell without me saying, the picture at left if the scale off and the picture at right features the scale while it is on. I thought it would be nice to show that this scale has a blue LED backlight screen versus your usual black and white. I liked the little feature.

As for the functioning of the scale, it seems to do the job it is suppose to do. I tested it against other scales I have and as far as I can tell it weighs accurately. It has two touch screen buttons that are easy to use and the whole surface of the scale if glass so it can easily be cleaned if you spill on it (which I of course did the other day when I was testing it out).

Overall, I like this scale. Mine had one leg that was a bit shorter than the others, so it makes it a bit wobbly. It doesn’t seem to affect the weighing at all and I’m hoping it was just an issue with mine. If you are looking for a digital kitchen scale, this might make a good fit for you.

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