Review: Surpahs Bamboo Cutting Boards & Digital Kitchen Scale

Surpahs Scale and Cutting Boards |

Surpahs is a retailer specializing in a variety of kitchen goods including kitchen scales, bamboo cutting boards, bamboo utensils, bamboo drying racks and more. I was drawn to the company initially because of their wide selection of bamboo products. Continue on to read my review for the scale and bamboo cutting board you see pictured above!

Surpahs Cutting Boards Set |

The first item I reviewed was the set of three bamboo cutting boards. I currently do not own any cutting boards, so I wanted to give these a try. I like portable cutting boards, and bamboo products are always a great choice both visually and environmentally.

The bamboo boards come in a small, medium and large size, each stamped with the Surpahs name. The smallest cutting board would be great for a day trip or road trip because of it’s portable size. The boards seem to be well built and sturdy. I love the look that the bamboo wood grain gives them. I’m particularly fond of bamboo, and I’ve been hearing for years that it makes for great cutting boards.

Surpahs Bamboo Cutting Board Set |

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Surpahs Digital Kitchen Scale |

Surpahs also had me review on of their kitchen scales. My mom has an old one, but it’s a bit run down and not very visually appealing. Plus, I’d like to have on of my own for when I move out. The scale features two touch screen buttons, a digital window and a glass surface with a clear window in the center. That’s probably my favorite part about this scale, I love how it looks!

This has quickly become my favorite scale. It weights accurately, so far as I can tell. It hasn’t given me any problems and does what I need it to do. I have a nasty cupcake habit, so I like to use my kitchen scales to measure out a third of the cake mix to only make a third of the cupcakes at once. Helps me not eat quite so many!

Surpahs Glass Window Digital Scale |

Overall, I like both of these products. They serve their purposes and are holding up fine and dandy for me thus far. I look forward to continuing to use the scale and the cutting boards. They are a welcome and needed addition to my current and future kitchens. If you’d like to give them a try, you can buy them from Amazon.

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