Review: SniffingButt Dog Bone Brewery

SniffingButt Bog Bone Brewery Canine Treats |

SniffingButt Dog Bone Brewery offers a selection of dog treats created using the spent grains from the process of making beer. SniffingButt uses few ingredients in addition to their recycled grains. Offered in a couple flavors, there is sure to be one that your dog likes. Continue on to read my review, and see what my dog thought!

For review, I was sent the three bags of SniffingButt Dog Bone Brewery dog treats. I was excited to review these products because of their few ingredients, reuse of grains and because I like to spoil my dog sometimes with treats. We don’t buy him treats all that often, so it’s lovely to have a variety of treats around for him. I like giving him a little treat before bedtime.

SniffingButt Bog Bone Brewery story and ingredients |

One of the things I like best about SniffingButt is how few ingredients the use. Here is the back of the India Puppy Ale packaging. Just three ingredients! I also really like the whole idea around the company and their use of recycling spent grains from the brewing process.
SniffingButt Bog Bone Brewery treat flavors |

Here is a close up of the three flavors of treats I received. Aren’t the names great? I’m always a sucker for clever names. I like that you can actually see some of the grains that are in the treats.
Overall, I really like these dog treats. I like that they’re made using otherwise thrown away byproducts of the beer making process and that they have only three ingredients. Plus, my dog quite likes them! And isn’t that the main point?
What did the dog have to say?
Rocky Heinz 57 Dog |

Rocky quite liked all three flavors of these treats. He didn’t seem to like any one flavor more than another. He liked the. Like he loves all tasty treats! He was recently had-to-go-to-the-vet sick and he wouldn’t eat his whole meals, but he would eat a SniffingButt treat.

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