Fashion Friday: Get the Look — Military Stripes

Get the Look: Military Stripes |

For this weeks Fashion Friday post, I decided to do a little throw back to something I once did when this was solely a fashion blog. “Get the Look” posts are always a fun way to showcase the style of various bloggers or celebrities whose outfits I like. I often try and use less expensive, lesser known brands in creating my replicated looks. Continue on to see my replicated outfit for Jessica from What I Wore!

For my first “Get the Look” outfit, I chose to replicate a look of Jessica’s from the blog What I Wore. She’s well known in the fashion blogging world, and elsewhere. I’ve always liked her style, so I thought I’d start with an outfit from her.

Get the Look -- Military Stripes |

Here is a complete list of the products I used as my duplicates.

Calvin Klein black and white top
$30 –

Military style jacket
$29 –

H M black bootie
$42 –

Fringe shawl
$15 –

Would you like to see more of these “Get the Look” posts?

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