Review: Ozeri Serafino Double-Wall Thermo Glasses

Ozeri Serafino Double-Wall thermo Glasses |

I’ve reviewed several products in the past for Ozeri. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll recognize the brand. I really enjoy Ozeri’s products and am always pleased to be given the chance to review another products of theirs. Previously I’ve review their Green Earth Pan, Stainless Steel PanFood Storage SetDigital Bathroom Scale, and Digital Kitchen Scale. Continue on to read my review of these neat, condensation-free glasses!

For review, I was sent a set of two Serafino Double-Wall Thermo Glasses from Ozeri. These glasses are designed especially to be condensation free while still being stylish. As suggest by the packaging, I’ve used these glasses with both cold and hot beverages. As seen in these pictures, these glasses remain free of condensation on the outside of the glass. You don’t even need a coaster! I also tried these glasses with hot coffee and the outside of the glass where you hold doesn’t get hot at all.

Ozeri Serafino Glasses | maegal.blogspot.comOzeri Serafino Glasses Condensation Free |

Overall, I really quite like these glasses. When I eventually move out into my own place in another several months, I might just have to buy more online. I like the look of these glasses quite a bit as well as their functionality. The one downside is they’re really thin, and I feel like there are no second chances if you drop them. They’re practical and modern, they would fit in with any kitchen style.

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