Get Hair Like a Celebrity– Mood Swings Salon {Guest Post}


If you have ever awaken from a poor night’s sleep and experienced “The Hair Day From Hell” that just won’t wane, or perhaps you have short hair and today’s the day you want something with a little more length and volume, temporary hair extensions are a great way to change things up and breathe new life into old hair. They are also a lifesaver if you come back from the hairdresser and feel unhappy about a botched cut that you’ve unfortunately become a victim of! 

It’s not uncommon for celebrities such as J-Lo, Beyoncé, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Christina Milian and Kim Kardashian to flaunt their lustrous locks, regardless of if they’ve had some help in the artificial hair-boosting department! If you are bored of the same tired strands hampering your style, colorful extensions can help lighten your mood and make you feel like a superstar. 

With numerous advances in the hair care industry over the last few years, hair extensions are available in an assortment of different styles and price ranges, and can be applied using various methods to create a glorious mane of shiny, thick locks. Here are some of the different methods that you can choose from if you want to try hair extensions for the first time. 

Clip-in Extensions – 
Probably the most widespread type of temporary hair extension available, clip-ins typically run a moderate- to long-length and are composed of strands of hair attached to a clip that simply fastens to your natural hair. Characteristically used to add colored highlights, boost the hair’s volume or augment its length, removing and/or replacing them is a straightforward – and painless – process that does not damage your hair. This is probably the most time-efficient application method on this list. 

Weft Extensions – 
Available in long, wide sections, these shiny skin wefts are glued or taped to the uppermost section of your hair. After being bonded to the natural sections of your hair, they will look and feel just like the real thing, and all without looking fake because, let’s face it, this is the point of extensions in the first place! Sew-in wefts can be applied in the span of approximately two to three hours depending on your hair texture and the amount of wefts you require. 

Platinum Seamless Extensions – 
All the rage with celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Gabrielle Union, Kate Gosselin and Kourtney Kardashian, this option is perfect for those who enjoying pampering themselves. As with all extensions types, make sure you consult with a professional to explore possible hair options that effectively complement your present hair color. Furthermore, a boar-bristle brush is an essential investment that will assist in extending the life of your extensions. 

Microbead Extensions – 
Involving small metal beads with a silicone inner lining, your natural hair is carefully threaded through each bead before a pair of pliers is used to secure the extension by crushing the bead into place. For those who have fast-growing hair, you will have to have them reapplied more frequently than someone whose hair grows slower. However, the shortcoming of these types of hair extensions is that they take a long time to apply, so make sure you have more than five hours to spare! Microbead extensions are cheaper than cold and heat fusion extensions, as well as being extremely versatile. However, you should bear in mind that the beads used in this application method make your head feel heavier than with fusion methods. 

Cold Fusion Extensions – 
Another trendy application method, the cold fusion bonding process affixes each strand to your natural hair using a hi-tech ultrasound melting tool and either glue, wax or a keratin adhesive. More gentle on your hair than heat fusion bonding, cold fusion extensions typically last between four to six months. Although they are virtually undetectable, one of the minor disadvantages is the cost and time it takes to have them bonded. 

Heat Fusion Extensions – 
Similar to the cold fusion bonding process, each hair extension is applied using glue, wax or a keratin adhesive. As with cold fusion extensions, they last up to six months. As with most extension types, you should never go to sleep with wet hair and also never make your extensions part of an extremely tight ponytail, as this can badly damage the fibers. 

If you have recently been disappointed with a new haircut and now want to remedy the nightmare currently situated on your head, hair extensions are a great way to switch up your look while at the same time giving you more hair-related self-confidence, especially in such a dark time of need. Additionally, if you have short hair and want to go the long route, remember that extensions shouldn’t be longer than 12 inches, since longer extension lengths will put unnecessary strain on your hair follicles. 

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With locations in both Scottsdale and Tempe, the qualified beauty specialists at Mood Swings Salon & Skin Spa are experts in hair coloring, hair extensions, spray tanning, eyelash extensions and brow tinting. Please visit us online at Mood Swings Salon or call 480-968-0268 to make an appointment today.


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