4 Style Ruts You Should Get Out of Right Now {Guest Post}

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Since many of us care so much about comfort, it’s not hard to enter a style rut. It’s really so easy to just roll out of bed and into those dark jeans and t-shirt… So whenever you’re shopping, you buy the same things over and over. No wonder your closet looks like the same outfit multiplied by a dozen! That is why you have “nothing to wear”: your wardrobe is simply uninspiring.

Fun as fashion may be, it can be quite tiring. However, we think it’s worth it. And you don’t have to do anything major either – just take it step by step and you’ll be comfortable as well as stylish soon.

Roxy flip flops vs. Birkenstocks

1. The rut: flip flops. Yes, flip flops are comfortable. But they’re made for the beach for a reason… The less-than-classy shoes give you a tan line across your foot and they can be pretty slippery. The trendier solution: Birkenstock sandals. They’re equally comfortable, but the fashion world embraced them and made them cool. The colors and designs are just as varied as with flip flops, and you still get to show off your pedi.

River Island jeggings vs. Toast pleated pants

2. The rut: jeggings. When women realized they could get away with wearing leggings simply because they looked like jeans, they jumped to the opportunity. And it was fun for a while. But it’s beginning to get old… So how about some other comfortable pants instead? A pair of pleated pants that hit just above the ankle are super comfy, but they also have a stylish silhouette. You can wear them to work or dates, and you won’t even miss your old, stretched out jeggings.

Adidas visor vs. Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses

3. The rut: visor. Sure, these things are having a sort of comeback with the 90s revival, but don’t rely on your visor for sun protection. You know better than that. Plus sunglasses these days couldn’t be more gorgeous: virtually all styles are in fashion, from retro cat eyes to futuristic mirror lenses. Just pick a design that suits your face and style, and you’re ready to face those UV rays.

True Religion t-shirt vs. River Island button down

4. The rut: white t-shirt. It doesn’t get more versatile than a white t-shirt, they say. Or does it? Just as you can wear your casual tee under anything and with pretty much any bottoms, you can wear a button down shirt too. It’s more classy and dressed up, and it gives you a grown-up look rather than a teenage one. Unless you’re a teen, it’s probably time to a upgrade to a good basic shirt.

Author bio:

Daria is a fashion blogger and vintage eyewear enthusiast. She writes for Celebrity Sunglasses Watcher, following the most interesting trends in celebrity eyewear.

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