Review: David Gray’s New Album “Mutineers”

David Gray announces the release of his new album, Mutineers! I’ve been a fan of David Gray since the song Babylon, which if you heard you would very well recognize. I was excited for the opportunity to review this album for you all. Continue on to watch the music video for Gulls and Back In The World Again off of his new album, and see where in concert he is playing next.

My favorite song off this album, if I had to pick just one you should go listen to, it would have to be “As The Crow Flies”. It’s the song that keeps getting stuck in my head. I also liked “Gulls” and “Birds of the High Arctic”, it would appear I have a bit of a bird theme going on.

Here is the tracklist for Mutineers:

  1. Back in the World
  2. As the Crow Flies
  3. Mutineer
  4. Beautiful Agony
  5. Last Summer
  6. Snow in Vegas
  7. Cake and Eat It
  8. Birds of the High Arctic
  9. The Incredible
  10. Girl Like You
  11. Gulls
  12. Nearly Midnight (bonus track)

Really, I like most all of the songs. It’s a fairly low key, calm kind of album. I listened to it while I was working the other day and while gardening yesterday. It’s pretty appropriate for both tasks. I found the feel of the album to be relaxing and in tune with the feelings I get around summer. It was and continues to be an enjoyable listen.

Of the five songs off the album that really caught me attention, these were two of my favorites. On the little sticky note where I was jotting titles down when a song sparked my interest, Gulls and Back In The World Again were both listed. I’ve actually got a little number two next to both, tied for second favorite. Beautiful Agony also made my list.

Like what you hear? Buy Mutineers!


Here is a list of North American Tour Dates for David Gray! 
See all dates and ticket info, click here.
Aug 01 – Boston
Aug 04 – NYC
Aug 05 – Philadelphia
Aug 07 – Columbia, MD
Aug 08 – Charlotte, NC
Aug 09 – Nashville
Aug 11 – Raleigh, NC
Aug 12 – Atlanta
Aug 13 – Indianapolis
Aug 15 – Cleveland
Aug 16 – Cincinnati
Aug 17 – Detroit
Aug 18 – Chicago
Aug 20 – Denver
Aug 21 – Salt Lake City
Aug 22 – Boise
Aug 23 – Troutdale (Portland), OR
Aug 25 – Redmond, WA
Aug 26 – Vancouver, BC
Aug 28 – Oakland, CA
Aug 29 – Reno, NV
Aug 30 – Las Vegas
Aug 31 – San Diego
Sep 03 – Los Angeles

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Specifically, I received a free download of the album in exchange for a review with One2One Network.

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