Review: Ozeri Wine Accessory Set

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On top of the many kitchen items that Ozeri sells, they now sell a Wine Accessory Set- that’s shaped like a wine bottle, no less! I simply couldn’t pass up the offer to review for Ozeri for the umteenth time, and as I go through phases of drinking wine, this seems appropriate. Continue on to read my review and see pictures of the items included.

For review, I was sent this 5-piece wine accessory set from Ozeri. The set includes your basic bottle opener and cork, as well as a drip collar, pourer and foil cutter. I haven’t been able to try out all the pieces of this set (as I usually don’t have wine or bottles with foil on them). 

As for the cork, it seems to do it’s job just fine. And looks nice doing so. The presentation of the accessories is quite cute and clever, I thought. I like the idea of putting them in a wine bottle shaped container. If you have a wine shelf or cellar or such, this accessory set could nicely fit right in, stored among the wine until needed.

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Here is the array of items that come in this wine accessory set. I have to say, it took my Mom and I some chatting before we figured out what everything was. I read on Amazon to confirm that we were indeed correct. 

The Wine Set includes from left to right;
drip-stop collar, foil cutter, wine pourer, wine stopper, and stainless-steel corkscrew with foil cutting knife.  

ozeri wine set 5-piece drip collar foil cutter cork pourer knife |

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Need a little more reading? Here is what the side of the packaging has to say…

Have you checked out my other Ozeri reviews? I swear I have a problem. But I wouldn’t keep reviewing them if I didn’t like them.

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