Fashion Friday: Perfectly Match Necklaces with Necklines {Guest Post}

An ensemble is never complete without the help of accessories to make or break your look. Most women make the common mistake of either over accessorizing or wearing accessories that do not complement what they are wearing. Using the wrong necklace with a particular neckline is one of these common mistakes. 

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When the right necklace is used, it can accentuate necklines of even the simplest outfits. This draws the right attention towards the neck and bust. When choosing necklaces one needs to remember that the two pieces do not crash with each other. Another important tip is knowing when not to wear a necklace at all. You might be thinking that is too much to consider when wearing a necklace. However, it is important for one to understand that simple and chunky necklaces offer different effects and functions. This is why knowing which pieces used for casual and formal occasions is essential especially when buying this jewellery online.

There are a variety of factors that must be considered when choosing a necklace for the neckline of a dress or blouse. One of these is the length of the necklace. Here are necklace and length descriptions for your guide:

1. The Collar: 30.5 – 35 cm
2. The Choker: 35.5 – 42 cm
3. The Princess: 43 – 50 cm
4. The Matinee: 51 – 63 cm
5. The Opera: 71 – 86 cm
6. The Rope: over 114

With this information you can easily identify what necklace to pair with which neckline. Check out the suggested pairings for necklines and necklaces below.

• Turtle Necks – These are tops and dresses that cover the neck and usually start below the chin. Longer necklaces like the opera and rope will complement this neckline.

• Crew Necks – The crew neck is your basic round neck that slightly shows off the collar bone. Shorter necklaces like the collar and the choker are great to pair with these kinds of tops and dresses.

• Scoop Necks – Tops and dresses that are tight and plunging showing off the cleavage are scoop necks. Fill in the space and draw attention to this area by wearing attractive necklaces like the princess and the matinee preferably with beads or a large pendant. 

• Strapless – These are tops and dresses that have no straps and show off the neck and shoulders. Leave your décolletage bare and accentuate the right areas by wearing shorter necklaces like the choker or the princess with a short pendant.

• Square Necks – The name says it all, tops and dresses with a square neckline look best with a princess length necklace in an angular design. This harmonizes and complements the top or dress.

• Asymmetric Neckline – Tops and dresses that are not balanced like off-shoulder tops fall under this category. A necklace that can complement this neckline is one that is symmetrical. The rope or the opera as well as the princess length can work well with this neckline.

• Halter Necks – The halter neckline creates a narrow V shape which will look great paired with the opera preferably with sharp pendant.

• V Necks – Similar with the halter neck only wider there is a V shape created that is complemented well by a choker or princess length necklace depending on the width of the neckline. 

• Collared – If you close all the buttons then a choker length necklace is ideal. However, keeping it slightly open changes the game as the best choice would be a princess length with a slim pendant.

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About: Jessica Pharris is a Fashion Blogger as well as a Jewellery designer and like to write about new fashion trends. She has been working on some jewellery online that has its own elegance and beauty.

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