Review: InstaNatural 100% Pure Argan Oil

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InstaNatuals is a 100% Pure Argan Oil and is USDA certified organic. Perfect as a moisturizer for hair, body and nails, argan oil has become quite popular in the past several years. I’ve never tried argan oil of any kind, so I was excited to be given to chance to give this a try. Continue on to read my review.

instanaturals 100% pure argan oil facts | maegal.blogspot.comThe oil itself has a sort of sweet, earthy scent and is pale yellow/ brown in color.  Being that it’s 100% pure argan oil, I was please to see that it’s true and nothing has been added to this product. Thus far, I’ve only used this product as a moisturizer for my hands and nails, but my plan is to eventually treat my hair with it. I have quite dry and damaged hair that could really benefit for argan oil, or so I’ve heard.
As for using it on my hands and nails, I like it as I would any other. It seems to do a good job of moisturizing my hands (which get cracked). As it’s an oil, it doesn’t take much to go a pretty long way. A couple drops does just fine for my hands.

Here are some of their ideas for using argan oil…

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I look forward to learning more about argan oil now that I own some (in fact I just got another bottle to review, as well. Oops, poor timing!). I will definitely update you all if I use it in my hair and get great results. And with a nice 4 ounces, it’s sure to last me a while!

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