Review: Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler

Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler |

The Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler by Izy Trends is exactly as the name leads you to think. I’ve tried only a couple of eyelash curlers in my day, but I figured it was time I gave another one a try. The last time I tried a new curler was about 6 years ago. Don’t worry! I’ve replaced the pad plenty and washed the little guy, but it’s time I gave something new a try. Continue on to read my review!

For review, I was the eyelash curler you see pictured both above and below. As for the structure of the curler, it is very much the classic style. It looks almost identical to my current one, but with white pads and the words “Lovely Lashes” engraved on it. Additionally the package comes with an extra silicone pad, which I was pleased to see included.

In my experience, all eyelash curlers are created mostly equal, whether you spend a $1 or $30. This curler has slightly changed my opinion of that. It is indeed noticeably superior to the $1 curler I once used, and the $3 curler I now use. I’m not sure if I would be willing to spend $12 on one, but I’d be tempted for this curler.

Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler by Izy Trends |

Overall, I like this curler. It works as it says it will and curls my lashes as I desire. The one downside I see is that it doesn’t seem to hold the curl all that long, but I have yet to find a curler that holds my lashes curl for more than a couple hours. So it’s nothing personal against this curler.

I entirely failed to take before and after pictures, but the one below provided by Izy Trends accurately portrays my results, before I applied mascara. I imagine that if I applied a waterproof, curling mascara I would have more long lasting results (as that seems to be the best method for holding a curl).

Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler Before and After | Picture © Izy Trends |

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