Review & Giveaway: SpellBinders Celebra’tions Collection | Ends 8/15

maegal disclaimer

spellbinder celebrations |
SpellBinders website offers a variety of paper arts and craft products, such as the items you see pictured above. I was sent the three items above, the middle item to be given away to one of my readers, and the two bagged craft projects to be created by me for your viewing and my reviewing pleasure. Continue on to read my review, see these craft projects in completion, and enter to win a set of polymer stamps for yourself!

spellbinder celebrations best day ever treat bag | maegal.blogspot.comspellbinders celebrations celebration party hat |
For review, I was asked to take these two little craft bags and create something out of the contents. For the first project at left, I choose to follow the instructions fairly closely. For the project at right, I chose to make something somewhat my own out of the contents of the bag. I thought you’d all like to see that though these items come as sets, you can certainly mix and match and obviously use your own ideas.

Above would be the first of the two projects, the “Best Day Ever Treat Bag”. This here is a cute little goodie bag. Here’s a secret: there isn’t anything in the bag, it’s all for show! Though I do plan to put something it in the next time I have a small gift to give to someone. It will make the cutest little present. For this craft, I mostly followed the instructions.
spellbinders celebrations celebration party hat instructions |

Above are the items included (plus my personal rubber cement) in the “Celebration Party Hat Card”. The instructions here show how you can create your own little birthday party hat card, as shown in the picture to the upper left side.

Now here is the version I made (though I just now noticed my picture is upside down! …not about to change it now.) 

spellbinders celebrations celebration party hat turned ice cream cone |

Instead of a birthday hat, I decided that the hat looked a lot like a waffle cone, so I drew some pink ice cream scoops and made an ice cream cone card! I gave this here card to my sister for her 21st Birthday. Too bad this picture makes it look like her ice cream is going to fall all over the floor!

spellbinders celebrations polymer clear stamp set |


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