Review: Rumiano Organic, Non-GMO Cheese

rumiano cheese smoked mozzarella  |

Rumiano Organic Cheese is just that, a “Certified Non-GMO Organic Cheese”! This family owned, California based company was one of the first cheese companies. Since 2011, they’ve begun working and perfecting their organic line. Continue on to read my review of these delicious cheeses!

For review, I was sent three coupons to procure Rumiano Cheese. I’ve been trying to eat non-GMO foods more regularly than I generally do. I was please to hear about this cheese, and it’s one of very few GMO free cheeses on the market.

rumiano cheese smoked mozzarella info |

The first cheese I tried out was the Smoked Mozzarella you see pictured in this review. Additionally I tried their Sharp Cheddar cheese. I’ve yet to use the third coupon, but I intend on buying yet another type of cheese. I was pleasantly surprised by the selection they offer.

I was also very impressed with the availability of this cheese. I live in a pretty small area, and was pleased to learn I could purchase Rumiano Cheese from four different stores in the area. All be it, we do have a lot of health eaters around here to make it a market necessity.

rumiano cheese slices |

But what about the taste?
Oh my goodness. These are darn good cheeses. I’m very much a fan of almost all cheese, but Rumiano makes some pretty yummy cheese. I found this Smoked Mozzarella to be smoky, creamy, yet still stiff enough to cut nicely. I paired these cheese with crackers, on a sandwich with smoked ham, and just ate it plain. All quite delicious options.

Buy Rumiano Cheese

Rumiano Cheese can be found in select Whole Food Markets, natural food and grocery stores nationwide. Visit their store locator to find a location near you. (You might be as surprised by their availability as I was!)


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