Review: KIND Healthy Snack Nuts & Spices Bars

KIND Healthy Snack Bars |

KIND Healthy Snacks Nuts and Spices Bars are delicious, healthy snacks that are relatively low in calories, contain few ingredients, and aren’t high in sugar…among other things. These bars make for a perfect snack or low-calorie dessert. Continue on to read my review of these tasty bars.

For review, I was sent a sample of two flavors of KIND Bars, two Caramel Almond & Sea Salt and two Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond bars. Yum, just listen to those names! I was pretty excited about these bars before I even had tried one of them based on the names. I had never heard of these bars before, but when I told my Mom about this review, she informed me that she use to buy these bars on a somewhat regular basis.

KIND Healthy Snack Bars Nuts and Spices |

These bars make the perfect snack or treat after dinner. Both bars I tried were 200 calories, which isn’t bad for an afternoon sweet treat, or even a light after dinner dessert. KIND bars are non-GMO, gluten free, low glycemic, low in sodium and contains no trans fats. Additionally, they also have few ingredients, which is something I quite like and tend to look for food products.

Sea Salt and Caramel Almond KIND Bar |

As for the flavor, both of these bars are DELICIOUS. I was planning on sharing with you my favorite flavor out of the two, but I can’t pick! I’m very much a fan of both of these flavors. The Caramel Almond and Sea Salt bars are very much in trend with the salted caramel craze, which I am all for. Caramel and sea salt is a tasty combination and pair with almonds it’s a great treat. The Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond bar is also quite good. If you’re a fan of dark chocolate, this is certainly the treat for you. I love coffee and dark chocolate, this bar is just the treat I need.

KIND Bar Nutrition Information |

All in all, I would certainly recommend checking out these bars as either a sweet afternoon treat, light dessert or anytime pick me up. This is one of those products that I’m simply going to have to go out and buy once I eat the last of mine! The perfect snack to toss in your purse.

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