Adding a Little Chicness to Your Backyard {Guest Post}

Private Garden At Sunset
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Now that the sweltering summertime weather has finally arrived, people all over the U.S. are enjoying spending as much time as possible in their backyards gardening, playing ball games with their children and pets, hanging out around the swimming pool with friends, or cooking a delicious meal on the grill for the whole family beneath the glorious sunshine. 

However, if you have grown tired of the typical backyard barbecue meals and instead would like to hold a more classy sunset dinner party for family and friends instead, you might feel inclined to make your backyard look more sophisticated for your guests. This will not only impress your fellow diners but also create a more intimate and atmospheric ambiance. Here are a handful of ideas if you would like to add some chicness to your backyard when you are planning on holding a swanky outdoors dinner party: 

1. Lighting – 
To add a subtle amount of illumination to the area, consider using different lighting options. For instance, a smattering of tea light candles and mini lanterns dotted around the patio area, coupled with multicolored string lighting hung from the dinner table’s umbrella, can create a cozy, relaxing setting. And if you prefer natural lighting instead of electrical alternatives, you can make your own homemade fire, which will also help provide a deliciously toasty heat when the sun disappears and the temperatures drop. Just imagine how happy and snug everyone will feel after eating a succulent evening meal and then being given the opportunity to unwind, chat, and watch (and smell) your delightful fire crackle away. 

2. Venue Flooring – 
If you are planning on forgoing the patio (or your property does not own one), the garden is a great spot to host your dinner party. However, it is important to make sure the floor is stable and level enough, as well as comfortable enough if you choose to go barefoot. Oftentimes, a plush, oversized rug is just the thing. Also, since artificial grass installations are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, the synthetic infill layer means that the area won’t become muddy due to constant foot-traffic. A third (and more distinguished) option is to erect a fabric canopy featuring billowy curtains, and cover the ground with sheets and throw pillows for an extremely unique and memory-making outdoors dining experience. 

3. Garden Features – 
For the most part, a lot of backyards are free from any kind of “talking point” garden feature, instead appearing more functional than look-how-ornamental-and-decorative-and-attractive-I-am. However, within a dinner party scenario, different features can create lively conversations and add some much-needed style and panache. A lavish tree swing, a striking pondscape, a sumptuous water fountain, or even a few planters boasting vibrantly colored flowers are all things that your guests will immediate want to inquire about. Maybe you can even ask the kids to get involved and paint a nice fence mural! 

4. Create a Temporary Bar – 
When it comes to creating your own makeshift backyard bar, a streamlined and more simple approach is always preferable. Don’t overload the area with so much booze that you have trouble finding space for anything else; bear in mind that you will need space for mixing and pouring drinks if you want to make pre-meal cocktails. 

5. Music is a Must – 
Able to instantly produce different moods with a simple touch of a button, choose different types of music for each part of the evening. For example, perhaps you want some classical music as your guests arrive and the cocktails are being served, before changing it up and putting on some jazz when the meal is being eaten. After your mouthwatering food has been hungrily devoured and the wine has freely begun flowing, maybe put on some cheesy eighties disco as you move from the dining table to the patio or garden furniture. Shakespeare sure was onto something when he wrote “if music be the food of love, play on”! 

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Envy Lawn offers highly customizable artificial lawns that can be designed to fit backyard and front garden areas of any size, both large or small. Please visit us online at if you would like to know more about our professional synthetic grass installation products and services.
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