Review & Giveaway: Zucchini Beef Skillet {Tasty Tuesday} | Ends 9/17

MBTW Zucchini Beef Skillet is a weekly meal planning and grocery shopping service. Each week a new menu and shopping list is made available to you, so you can do your shopping for the week and have a plan for every dinner that week. There are a variety of store options to choose from which each generate different menus for the week. Continue on to read my review of MBTW and to see the delicious recipe I tried!

For review, I was given a 26-week subscription to I choose the 400-Calorie Dinner plan, which was not store specific like how the others are set up. I have plenty of recipes floating around my house and on my computer, but I don’t have too many lower calorie recipes. I thought I would go ahead and use my 26-week subscription to stalk up on my 400-Calorie Dinner recipes. 

When you first sign into your MBTW account, this is the message you get. From that welcome page, you can view your “current menu” or “subscribe” to an additional menu. You also see noted when the next new menu will be release, as well as “notes about this week’s menu…”.

MealsByTheWeek Welcome Page

Overall, I like the set up and the ease of use of the MBTW website. I’m a bit of a critic when it comes to the visual appeal of websites. I think some improvements could be made, but it’s a generally user friendly and inviting website. I do with that the meal plans could be emailed to you weekly like other services I’ve tried! I have to remember to go on every week to get my menu and shopping list (but don’t worry, if you forget a week, there is an archive to get all your menus).

Zucchini Beef Skillet

In order to give the service a proper review, I thought I should a pick a recipe that sounded good to me and give it a try. And boy was this a success! I’m not going to provide the full recipe, but based on the ingredients, you could probably figure it out yourself.

To quote my Mother’s opinion on this recipe,
I LOVE this recipe! It’s one of the best I’ve ever had. Simple and good for your ingredients, and it’s easy to make. I just love it, I do!

Basically, you just cook up all the ingredients, and viola! A delicious meal.

Coconut Oil (from Tropical Traditions*), 
Garlic (reconstituted dry, didn’t have fresh), Oregano (from a friends’ garden)
Dry GarlicTropical Traditions Coconut OilSun Dried Oregano

Chopped Organic Onion, Chopped Organic Tomato, Zucchini (fresh from our garden)
White OnionOrganic TomatoZucchini

Grass-Fed Organic Beef, with a little salt and pepper
Grass Fed Organic Meatballs

YUM! I know, this isn’t the most visually appetizing picture, but I promise. It was DELICIOUS.
MBTW Zucchini Beef Skillet

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