Review: Advanced Probiotic Ultra by Optimal Healthcare Labs

Advanced Probiotic Ultra by Optimal Healthcare Labs

Probiotics, as the packaging on this Optimal Healthcare Labs Advanced Probiotic Ultra package indications, are great for a number of reasons. They promote a healthy digestive tract, replenishes good bacteria, supports your immune system, and helps to reduce digestive upsets Continue on to read my review of this probiotic supplement.

For review, I was given a bottle of Probiotics from Optimal Healthcare Labs. My mother recently started taking probiotics, and I’ve been wanting to myself. I was pleased to be given the opportunity to give probiotics a try for myself. My digestive health isn’t the best (random stomach upsets/ nausea, among other symptoms), so I figured trying certainly couldn’t hurt.

Advanced Probiotic Ultra Nutritional FactsAdvanced Probiotic Ultra Directions
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While I can’t speak from a medical standpoint with regards to how the product works (the FDA doesn’t like blogs to try to be medical professionals), I can speak from my experience. 

As for any negative side effects, I experienced none, and I have a sensitive stomach when it comes to pills. I found the size of the pills to be manageable and the taste of the pills to be a non issue. I will continue to take these probiotics until they are gone to see if I notice any substantial difference.

Advanced Probiotic Ultra Pills

If you’re looking to give probiotics a try, I would recommend checking these out. I think they are reasonably priced in comparison with others I’ve seen on the market. Probiotics aren’t going to hurt you, and they very well might help you! So it’s worth giving it a try, in my opinion.


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