Review: MegaMesh Screen Door by Easy Install

Mega Mesh Screen Door by Easy Install

For review, I was sent the MegaMash Screen Door by Easy Install. The current current screen door set up in my house is very…my dad. It consists of a hanging screen door on a track above the door, and it falls off from time to time. I was excited to review this screen, as I thought it would better serve our space, as well as let my dog come and go as he pleases. Continue on to read my full review…

While this screen is certainly more conducive to a door which is flush to the door jam, I managed to find a way to make ours work with the door situation we have. The pictures show further how I had to sort of mess with the placement of the screen in order to make it properly open and close as designed.

Mega Mesh Screen Door Easy Install Guide
The Easy Install Guide (it really is quite simple).

How are the animals liking it?
That depends on who you were to ask. My dog, Rocky, took several times of show and tell before he figured it out. It still thinks he has to wait for permission before coming in. My cat, Cowgirl, figured it out quite quickly, as I imagined she would. I showed her three times before she had it down. The other two cats, Roxanne and Sequana, don’t understand this situation much. Sequana is getting closer to figuring it out, Roxanne doesn’t have any interest. 

Want to watch it in action? 
I posted a video clip to my Instagram account (@theMaeGal) showing my dog walking through it.

Mega Mesh Screen Door Close Up
A close up of the mesh itself.

Overall, I’ve been pleased with this screen. It’s been working out quite well for us and I haven’t had any problems with it. I did find that the suggestion of adding tacs for extra security was a good and needed suggestion for me. It opens and closes every time, the magnets nicely close back up after you walk through. Much better than our current slider.

Mega Mesh Screen Door In Use
A poor quality picture that hopefully shows you a bit the finished product.


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